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Scholar of the Year
Horipodo Kapali

Horipodo Kapali

Sun of the soil, Horipodo Kapali lives in a remote village in Jhenaidah, Jessore. He is the inventor of a new kind of paddy called Horidhan.
It was October 2002 and Horipodo was nursing his paddy field. He suddenly noticed an exceptional cluster of paddy, comparatively taller and healthier. He did not pluck it, rather paid more attention to it and at the end of the year he was successful in obtaining more seed from that variety. After further nurturing, this special variety that can produce 240 kg more paddy per bigha, has won the confidence of the farmers of that entire region. The local farmers have voluntarily named the paddy as Horidhan after the name of its inventor. Scientists at the Rice Research Institute have also acclaimed the innovation. Horipodo does not have any academic degree, but his experience and success in agriculture is laundable. The 75-year-old Horipodo now dreams to see the production of Horidhan world-wide.
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